The Second Badminton Competition of TR Silicon Came to a Successful End
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In the evening from the 16th to the 19th of July, the company’s Labor Union held the Second Badminton Competition in the Cultural and Sports Center. 40 employees from all departments participated in the competition. There are three competition events, namely women’s singles, men’s singles and men’s doubles. There are four awards for the above three events, namely the first, second and third, and the excellence award.

During the competition, the participants put into the game with their full spirit, exerted their skills, used various tactics flexibly, and displayed the skills of clear, smash, sliced smash and drop shot incisively and vividly. The will of dare to fight and never give up and the spirit of unity and cooperation and tenacious struggle were shown in the Competition, constantly attracting the audience’s bursts of applause.

After four days of fierce competition, Fu Yang won the first prize of women’s singles , Ren Yuanyuan won the second, Dong Yongge won the third and Wang Jun won the excellence award; Zhou Yao won the first prize of men’s singles, Chang Junlong won the second, Yang Lintao won the third and Qin Pengzhen won the excellence award; Yang Lintao and Lei Pengtao won the first prize of men’s doubles , Zhou Yao and Zhu Shilai won the second, Qin Pengzhen and Liu Baohui won the third, and Chang Junlong and Han Yaqiang won the excellence award.

This activity has enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, strengthened the communication between employees, and established a platform of learning from each other. Meanwhile, it has enhanced the team cohesiveness and demonstrated the positive and courageous mental outlook of the company’s employees.